Top auto Transport Company

We pride ourselves I being the top auto transport company throughout the nation due to our excellent service delivery to the customers, whom are ambassadors to us and end up recommending us to the world. Not all of them can be wrong, yet not all of them are entirely pleased with our work, I would like to note that we do take your feedback very seriously whatever the tone you use in it and whatever is written in it. The following is what our customers had to say when they were asked to review their experiences with us.

Prompt and Secure

Being my very first time to attend a major sports car event, such as the gumball 3000 race, I needed to make my car available at the starting point of the race in time before I was disqualified. Since I lived quite far from the starting point, I had to ship my car to the desired state, being a very exquisite and expensive car, I needed top notch professionals to handle it, and the first thing I ensured was that their services were insured. Well, that was it, and I met Nexus Auto Transport, I made it I time, without a single scratch on my car’s paintjob.

Growing together

Being a car dealership owner, I am required to frequently ship cars all around the country. I needed a firm that would understand my needs right before I got the opportunity to spell them out. Therefore, after careful research, I met Nexus Auto Transport. It all went well ever since the first time I hired them to move a few cars for me to Colorado. What attracts me most to these amazing people is their keenness, friendliness as well as being highly skilled in their line of duty. What’s even more essential to the growth of my car dealership is their nationwide coverage of car shipping, this makes it possible for me to sell as well be sold cars to.


It gives you total peace of mind to know that professionals who know how to handle it carefully are carefully transporting your vehicle. It is not totally my first time to ship a vehicle, but I knew I had made totally the right choice when I saw the guys who came to pick up my car, unlike other companies, the people of Nexus Auto Transport are usually dressed in their uniforms, and from this, you can always identify them from all the others. Given that they already called me the previous day to confirm their arrival, I was already pleased by them.

Not happy

I am usually very strict on time, and since I had chosen a company as great as Nexus Auto Transport, I expected great services as well good timekeeping. But to my surprise, I was left waiting for ten minutes for the arrival of my car, however small the time lost is, I am not really happy with late deliveries.



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