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Early Signs That Your Car Carrier Is Not a Top Auto Transport Company

With the internet explosion within the last decade, most companies have shifted their services online. This is in a bid to service the huge market demand for services online. This works for auto shipping companies.

Well, online services have revolutionized customer experience and enhanced service delivery by car shipping companies. However, it has given rise to a breed of ‘predator’ companies that are not in the market to offer services but to exploit unsuspecting customers. This is why customers are encouraged to research more about a car shipping company before hiring them.

To help you with that, here is a list of some suspicious activities or features that indicate you are dealing with a not so top auto transport company or simply, a fake one:

Too many negative reviews

It is always advisable to read testimonials by previous clients to understand how their experience was with them. If you go to a company website and find too many negative reviews, raise your eyebrows, dig deeper and be keener as most probably there is something wrong with the car shipping company.  You can also check with the BBB for registered complaints with a particular company. Also, of importance is how the company responds to the complaints and how the complainants feel or react to that.

Too costly or too cheap

After requesting for quotes from some companies, the first thing you notice is that there are only slight variations of them. It is not abnormal however to find a company that has quote either too high or too low from the range quoted by others. The price is not always an indication of the level of services you are likely to receive, so it is better to find out from the company more about why their prices are quite a contrast as when compared to prices by other top auto transport companies.

Customer service

Any unanswered call, non-replied email or message talks about the professionalism of the company. Any top and reliable auto shipping company should understand how important handling of clients is. If the staff is unfriendly, there are no follow-up calls or information on discounts from the car shipping company, this is an indication of how you will be treated after you hire them.

Unrealistic promises

No matter how interested an auto shipping company is with your needs, its sole purpose is to make profits. So when a car transport company starts giving you unrealistic promises, know that something very terrible is cooking, and you should leave the kitchen as soon as possible.



Huge upfront payments

Upfront fees may be required depending on the service asked for as well as the car shipping company. However, you normally would expect the fee to be only a small fraction of the total cost. If an auto shipping company you intend to hire asks for huge upfront payouts, the chances are that it is not a genuine company as you would hope it to be.

Other warning signs that should help you identify genuine and fake auto shipping companies include an unwillingness to reveal company information such as registration details or location.


Getting the Best Washington DC Auto Transport Company

There would be no particular way of stressing on the fact that information is everything when it comes to Washington DC auto transport services. The only way we would make you see it as we do would be to let you know what we already know and hope that we can help each other in getting the best deals from car carriers.


There is a thin line separating a nightmare and great experience with a car carrier company. The secret is how professional your auto transport company turns out. The secret about the secret is how you get to identify the best car carrier company from the rest.


We reveal all secrets here and give you a 3 step rating system for Washington DC auto transport companies that will give you a professional auto transporter.  Our experience in the auto transport field tells us that it will take more than your personal efforts in getting a good agent or car shipping company. Most of the responsibility lie with the auto transport company, and you just have to know how to know what is real or not real from the list of promises auto transport companies give you.



For any process to complete, communication between two parties is important.  What most people do not understand is that you won’t have to hire a company first so as to find out about their communication policies. From your initial contact with the company, the test is on for them. Top Washington DC auto transport companies respond to queries promptly. They are available at all times and are always reaching out to see if they can be of further help.


Delayed quotes, too many unanswered calls or non-replied messages are the first signs of a car shipping services most likely to give you poor services.



Although humans are optimists naturally, a small dose of realism to go with it helps a lot. A top company knows what it can deliver and in what time frame and would not shy from being honest to its potential clients even if it risks losing them. On the other hand, an average auto shipping company will tell clients what they need to hear with fake promises of delivering. For an uninformed client, they will go for what pleases their ears. Informed clients will know what is realistic and what is not and will opt to go for honesty rather than heavenly promises.



You can ignore testimonials by previous clients on Washington DC auto transport companies at your peril. If there is somebody who has experienced working with an auto company you intend to hire, their word is important though should not have that big margin in your decision making. Quality car shippers have few or no incidents of car damage or unsatisfactorily services. With the average rate of damaged cars during transit being under 3%, you should not consider hiring a company that has a complaints percentage higher than three.



No damage

Nexus Auto Transport specialises in shipping cars within, to and from Washington DC. We boast of a highly qualified team of staff who are well experienced in car shipping. Testimonials about us say it all; we treasure our clients and their possession and make it our personal business to deliver cars for our clients in the best conditions possible.