Tips to Finding Best auto transport Chicago

Getting your vehicle transported from Chicago to other towns or cities should be an easy experience for you. There are many top auto shipping companies in Chicago the most notable one in service delivery being Nexus Auto Transport Company. Here, we present you a simple guide to using when shipping your car within or out of Chicago.

Source for a company

A good place to start would be to find a good vehicle transporting company with reputable services. You can start outsourcing for a company a while before the actual day you intend to have your car shipped. Once you have a scheduled pick-up and delivery date, you can go ahead and contact the auto shipping company and order for services. Before signing any agreement, try to understand the terms of services and the rates as well then when you are comfortable, you can go ahead and commit.

Pick up

There are two different arrangements for car pick-ups with most auto transporters in California. You can drive your car and drop it off at the shipper’s terminal point, or you can have it picked from your door. These two procedures differ in costs and convenience. However you choose to do it, there are some important things to remember before and during the pickup.

Remove all personal items from the car as it is not legal to carry them there. Personal items add on to your automobile’s weight. Empty your car boot and any other area of personal items. Remember that the car will get searched as it crosses state borders and other than being illegal, personal items make the search lengthier.

Take good pictures of your car before handing it over to your auto shipper. Take note of any faultiness and note it somewhere in writing and have the shipper sign it. This will be important in proving the state of your car before pick up just in case an unforeseen event leading to a legal suit ensues.



Not much happens during shipping, just a few packages available for you to choose from for shipping. For an economical and secure option, the open trailer package is well suiting. You can opt for classic car shipping package and enclosed which give special consideration to the car and are costlier. During shipping, your auto shipping company will keep you posted on the progress. A good way to gauge how reliable your vehicle shipping company are is by comparing how long this stage continues for to the projected duration.



Just as in pick up, you can have your car delivered to your door step, or you can opt to collect it from your shipper’s terminal point in the agreed destination. What’s important is to ensure that you are present during delivery. It is then that you can ascertain if there have been any damages to your vehicle. Check the engine’s performance as well before signing that you have received the car. If there are any issues, repayment policies that you agreed to when hiring the auto shipper will provide a guide on who will meet what costs and any other rising matters will be handled.


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