Features of Open Carrier Auto Transport – Nexus Auto Transport

Times are tough and where and when possible, it is important to save on spending. Same applies to car shipping and where most people get this wrong is by trying to find cheap auto shipping companies rather than affordable ones and look on where to save.

At Nexus Auto Transport, we understand how important it is to deliver top-notch car shipping services and remain competitive and relevant price-wise. By hiring us, you stand to benefit in three major ways which include:

We have years of experience and a wide network of coverage for your inter-state and inter-city car moves.

We are professionals and promise you high-quality services that will fall in line with your schedule, budget and give you peace of mind.

We handle all the risks of shipping your car on your behalf.  Once you hand over your car to us, we assume full responsibility for it and secure it until when we deliver it back to your hands at an agreed delivery point.

We understand that different clients have different needs of the level of services. We offer different packages such as open carrier transport, closed, classic and priority express shipping. Our open carrier is suitable for:

Personal car deliveries–for a low-budget car shipping experience for an individual, open carrier package is the best. With just some few prior arrangements on shipment date and location, you can rest assured that you will have your car at your destination at the agreed time. What’s more, the car will be covered for any damages during shipping, and all these would come at a very low cost.

Multi-car deliveries – for small companies such as a local transport, service delivery or cab company, the open carrier is the ultimate and cost effective car shipping solution. This is because a large fleet of cars can be easily and conveniently be transported to the same or different locations all at competitive rates. For auto dealers, with the Nexus Auto transport open carrier package, we will get your brand to all your showrooms from the factory at very considerate prices.

Budget friendly shipping – open trailer is undoubtedly the most common auto shipping method we offer at Nexus auto Transport Car shipping company. Our process for handling open carrier car shipping is the industry standard and totally safe. Our well-experienced team of truck drivers and car handlers make it easy for us to offer our clients guarantee on open carrier auto shipping services.

We have new trucks of the latest models, well designed to handle all your open carrier auto shipping needs. We stack the cars neatly in rows and columns on our trucks, tie them safely and ship them slowly to our clients’ destinations.  The open carrier package offered at Nexus Auto Transport Company comes at a comfortable price and attracts great discounts on bulk orders.

All risks are fully covered, and we always do our best in ensuring that we return your car to you just as you handed it to us. For high quality and affordable auto transport services, Nexus Auto Transport has a solution to your needs.


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