Target Clients for Auto Transport Companies

Nexus Auto Transport Company offers different car shipping services to its clients including interstate, nationwide and overseas car transportation services. We offer these services at industry-competitive rates and offer our word regarding delivery and service satisfaction.

It is important to understand who the target clients for auto shipping companies are, and we shall do that in this article. These four categories will define the most attended to a group of clients by shipping companies.

Moving Individuals

Most individuals that seek auto shipping services from companies such as Nexus Auto Transport Company are individuals moving out of state. Though it is possible for them to drive the car across the country, they opt for car shipping services due to the reduced costs and risks. The individuals could be moving to other states as a permanent change of residency or maybe temporal business reasons.

Business Owners

Small business owners mostly dealing in local transportation or delivery services are typical clients for auto shipping companies. They frequently have the need of shipping their fleet of vehicles to balance the size of the fleets or maybe to have them available where they are required the most.

Cab Companies

These are commonly known for their constant relocation as they seek clients. They may move an entire fleet to a different city, spread out a few cars in their fleet and shipping as opposed to driving will save them on fuel, wear and tear and get them discounts.

Car Collectors

These mostly deal with classic cars and want to be in as many locations as possible without risking damage to their valuable cars. They may also require auto shipping services especially if they have some collectibles that they need to be displayed and lack the time and human resource to drive them.


There are many other companies that offer car shipping services in the USA and finding a top, reliable auto company can be a tricky experience.

However, there are some few factors that you can use that will help you distinguish between real and fake auto shipping companies. Some of the things to look out for include;

Cost – Check to ensure that there are no hidden costs. The price quoted should neither be too high or too low when compared to the price quoted by other companies for similar services.

Reliability – this is an important factor to check out for as you need a company that will deliver the required services within the agreed schedule. Be on the lookout for unrealistic promises that are mostly set by new companies as they try to woo clients to them.

Customer Support – this talks loads about the professionalism of a company. It also expresses the intent of the company to offer to its client’s satisfactory services by being available for any queries.

Insurance – it is important to understand how which damages your car will be insured against during shipment. By understanding the risks, you can know what to expect and how to handle the unexpected. If the company insures vehicles during shipment; still, check to ensure that it has a low frequency of occurrence of accidents and good reviews from previous clients regarding refunding claims.


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