Nexus Auto Transport Classic Car Services’ Features

If you have spent a fortune in acquiring your car, then you must be interested in ensuring that its handled properly. At Nexus Auto Transport Company, we understand how much of an emotional investment your car is just as a financial investment it is.  With our Classic car shipping services, we ensure you maximum caution and a careful car shipping handling process from the moment we pick it from you until when we deliver it.

We handle each one of our clients individually and seek to understand their needs. Our main goal is to provide car shipping services that will apply to your needs and suit your schedule. We are well experienced in handling high-valued cars and have enough technical resources and manpower to work on short lead-times and deliver within the scheduled date which mostly is a fortnight after picking up the car. We want to change the perception that relocating is scary by enhancing your car relocation all at market-competitive rates.  When you hire Nexus Auto Transport Company for classic car services, you get to enjoy some amazing benefits which are rare with most auto shipping companies.



The Nexus Auto Transport Company classic car service is the safest of its kind among auto shipping companies in the USA. Throughout the country in the highways, you will find our enclosed trailers shipping classic cars from and to different locations. Our enclosed trailers are meant to protect your car from risks such as road debris or weather elements which might damage your car. These trailers do not carry as much as open trailers do, and this is because of the existing need to secure the vehicles on-transit.

Smooth Experience

With spring here, it is time for car shows and auctions to pop all over the country. This is the perfect time to buy those classic cars and have them transported home. With Nexus Auto Transport Company, you can put all your classic car shipping worries to bed. This is because we have been in the game for years and we pride ourselves on experience in handling classic cars like no one else in the industry. We have the necessary personnel and resources to ensure a smooth classic car shipment experience. You can go online to our website and find reviews of some of our previous customers and read what they have to say about us. This is in case you need that extra reason to convince you that Nexus Auto Transport Company is the right classic car shipping company for you.

Receive your scratch-free vehicle, on time

Our enclosed trailers are well designed to offer protection to your classic car on the inside while on-transit. We have different trailer sizes to enable us to meet different types of needs by our clients. Our services are available throughout the year and have attractive discounts for shippers with a fleet of classic vehicles. We are fully licensed and insured and have a delay policy that speaks of our commitment to delivering timely, quality services to you.


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