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Car Shipping USA Instant Quote

Are you looking forward to shipping a car? Well, this is an easy job to do if only you get to choose the right car shipping company to do the work for you. To start with, you will require a quote that will help you determine which is the most affordable company for the shipping of your car. Various companies have different ways of displaying their quotes for every cost to be incurred in transportation of the cars. The price quoted depends on the distance of your destination, choose your route, and everything shall be calculated for you. The USA instant quote which is known as Nexus auto shipping has coped with the technology making it easier for the clients to get instant quotes for the services provided.

Car Shipping USA
Car Shipping USA

Welcome to Nexus auto shipping where customers enjoy services provided to the fullest, the company charges the fair costs to their customers which is determined through an online calculator. The calculator provides an instant quote for the USA users, why choose another company to ship your car whereas there is this well-facilitated company that will ease thing ups for you? The company is known as Nexus auto transport. The experience with this company is beyond your expectation; only quality has been produced since it came to existence making it the best company in the market.

Did you know that with Nexus auto transport company it is possible to get an instant quote online? This is a fantastic feature about a calculator used online by customers to figure out the cost of the shipping. The cost is determined by the route that you choose and the distance to the marked destination. The priority of this company is to make car shipment easy and loosen the burden from the owner to themselves. The company prides itself on the experience gained and also winning the trust of the customers national wide by providing excellent services to every client that choose Nexus auto transport. Do not spend more than you should in shipping a car while Nexus auto transport is here to offer fair prices.

Instant shipping quote is the price that is given or displayed on the online calculator after you put in the details of the route to be used and the destination of where the car will be taken. It is wise for you to choose a way that will not cost you much but steal consider the nature and the safety of the route. Car shipping has been made easier, unlike the old days where you could find a few shipping companies and the documentation could take time to be completed. The technology is here now, and one can ship a vehicle at any time and much fast compared to the traditional ways of running these operations. More to that you can know the cost to be incurred during shipping without even consulting with the company.

The instant quote gives you an accurate figure and is assured that Nexus auto transport is the only company that provides this kind of services. If you are in the U.S, try out this company and be confirmed that you will recommend others to use it when shipping vehicles. This is a well-known company in the USA, and its reputation is clean and full of positive comments from the public. By visiting their website, you will able to read all the testimonies left by those users who have used their services to ship their cars which is all true. These customers have made it possible for the company to be ranked the best in the USA when it comes to offering shipping services.

If you need more information concerning the shipping services, you can directly contact the customer’s care personnel who will help you with any inquiry requested. Get your instant quote for the shipping services, isn’t it easier now? This will help you do your budget well. That’s not all; you will have no stress if are not in a position to make full advance payment for the shipping fee, the company is making sure you enjoy their services first and then worry about the finances later. This is how much Nexus auto transport company cares for their customers who give them the opportunity to ship their cars. Do not forget that you can get an instant quote using the calculator provided online by Nexus Auto Transport Company. The calculator is free to use, know the quote that you are needed to pay for the whole shipment. Be assured the costs are reasonably set and also affordable for everyone.


Car Shipping in USA

There are two categories in which the companies in the car shipping industry can be classified into. There are car shipping brokers and car shipping carriers. The paper work and the shipping arrangements will be handled by the brokers if you are auto shipping so they might be the best fit in such a case. The prices of the car shipping brokers are much cheaper than those of the car shipping carriers. This is because the shipping brokers keep their prices cheap in order to stay competitive with their competitors while the shipping carriers have a set of fixed prices. The shipping carriers get some of their shipments from shipping brokers.

Car shipping in USA
Car shipping in USA

The process of auto shipping

The first step of auto shipping is getting a quotation from the shipping company. Quotations are easy to get from the shipping companies, for most companies it is provided via email instantly after specifying the details of your shipment. There are other shipping carriers that go the extra mile to provide verbal quotations. After perusing through the different quotations it is time to place the order with the car shipping broker who will, in turn, get hold of a shipping carrier or auto transporter to carry your vehicle.

Auto transport companies mainly focus on trucks, SUVs and cars but shipping companies have the same ability to do just as much. It is essential to examine what the services offered to entail to ensure that they will have you fully covered. Make sure you verify the details of the things they ship since the majority of the auto transport companies can transport huge vehicles such as box trucks, vans and pick-up trucks. For huge vehicles, the dimensions are essential as they will be required by the auto transport brokers prior to giving you a quote. The main dimensions that usually needed are the height, weight, width and length of the vehicle.

What is a Carrier?

Vehicle shippers who transport the vehicles using their own trucks are also referred to as auto transport. Those transporters, who transport vehicles using trucks that they do not own, are referred to as shipping brokers. The shipping brokers are the ones who will make all the necessary travel arrangements necessary between the carrier and the client.

There are certain things that auto shippers do not tell potential consumers. Rather than just the quality of services, the available services and the how to contact them, there are other things that consumers need to be aware of in order for them to make good choices. There are several aspects that a potential client needs to put into consideration before hiring a shipping company. Some things are easy to identify such as the quality of services provided while some might be a bit difficult to figure out.

What to look for when hiring a shipping carrier

Determining the authenticity of a shipper and the degree of excellence of their services is an essential task. This is usually determined by elements such as the performance reviews from previous customers, safety precautions taken and the equipment they use to handle your belongings.


The presence of the right equipment is important but what is even more important is the presence of proper equipment that is in good condition. The equipment used is usually what accounts for a great portion of the amount charged in conjunction with the level of professionalism of the services and the gap between the two areas. The trucks used in the transportation can either be open or closed. The closed trucks usually have cargo areas that are controlled and all weather which makes them safe, efficient and reliable.

Safety & Performance Record

The best way to access the quality of services is through the assessment of previous performances. There are resource websites where individuals can quickly look up the details they want to know about shipping companies. The data provided in these websites include their operation status, their insurance provider and their safety history.  Some of the websites with such information are the U.S. Department of Transport Number which is responsible for assigning unique numbers to all auto shipping companies and the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) Safety Data which is the supreme authority in the transport industry.  The shippers are ranked impartially based on their performances which will provide the client with necessary due diligence.

Insurance Coverage

Safety in auto shipping comes hand in hand with insurance coverage. The law requires every shipping company is to be insured. Some companies will have comprehensive coverage while some will just stick to the minimum requirement by law. If the vehicles being transported are regular the minimum insurance cover will be enough but if it is some of the luxurious brands the client might consider selecting a shipper with comprehensive cover.

Dirty Tricks on Transporting Your Car During Winter

Shipping cars during winter present unique challenges. Simply put, there is so much to deal with as compared to transporting vehicles in other seasons. That explains why most people prefer transporting their vehicles before or after the winter season. What happens when you need to ship your car around January or February? Will you wait until the cold season is over? Certain things cannot wait, we all understand. Instead of avoiding it, you can simply learn how to get the most out of winter auto transportation.

Car Shipping
Vintage model car on the street by the day

On preparing your car

Successful auto transportation during winter starts with the preparation process. You need to ensure everything is in place before proceeding with the transportation. Which area are you shipping your car to? The antifreeze levels of your vehicle need to meet the recommendations of the area you are shipping your vehicle. Unless you want your car to take long to heat up, you will check this information and make necessary adjustments. It also recommended that you check the thermostat, especially when changing the antifreeze. Ensure it closes to avoid unnecessary complications.

You might also want to check the washer fluid you are using and make replacements if need be. If you are transporting your car to a colder region, it is prudent that you replace the washer fluid with one having a low freezing pint. While doing, it might also be advisable replacing the existing wiper blades with viable alternatives; the winter blades. Such blades are known to withstand extremely cold temperatures without malfunctioning.

Be keen to check the car batteries. In the past, winter has proven itself bitter on car batteries. You do not want to make any regrettable assumptions when it comes to this. Make sure that you check the terminals, ensuring they are tight and without possible corrosion signs.

Check the window seals and tires

Nearly everyone knows about this, but many people still assume the need to keep their car windows tight during winter auto transportation. For those shipping luxurious convertibles, do not forget to keep the top on. It is also important checking the car tires before handing over your vehicle for car transportation. Advisably, the tires should have sufficient treads. The other option is to buy studded snow tires and replace them before shipping your car. You will be glad you did.

Don’t settle for less

Not all car transport companies have sufficient experience transporting vehicle during winter. This isn’t the time to gamble. Consider using the services of experts who understand what it takes to ensure successful winter auto shipping. Over the years, we have shipped many cars during winter. As such, you can expect Long distance car is moving services to handle the job perfectly, without any disappointments. Our drivers can navigate the roads during winter and ensure your vehicle gets safely to the required destination.

As you might have realized, shipping your car over winter doesn’t have to be stressful. If you know what to do, you will not shy away from transporting your car during the snow season.

What you Didn’t Know about Auto Transport Quotes

The auto shipping price is one of the greatest concerns for anyone transporting his vehicle from one point to another. How much am I supposed to pay? More often than not, you will find car owners asking such a question. The answer often lies in auto shipping quotes. Recently, it has become such a common practice requesting car transporting quotes before agreeing on the shipping details with any company.

Why is this important? Many people will definitely argue that t helps you save money by making critical comparisons. By sampling quotes from individual car transport companies, you will be able to make informed decisions. Apart from saving you money, you will also have a general idea of the expected car transport charges for the distance involved.

Auto Transport Quotes
Auto Transport

Some quotes aren’t precise

When you request quotes from Nexus Auto Transport and other reliable car transport companies, you will most likely receive precise quotes. Ideally, whatever you see presented on the quote is what you will pay. Auto transport industry has attracted different companies, and not all of them are transparent. There might be cases of hidden costs. It can be so disappointing settling hidden charges you were not prepared to pay. To avoid such incidences, it is advisable to ask questions. Find out the possibility of extra fees. Most importantly, you must be ready to handle anything that comes your way.

Removing car additions don’t affect quotes

For luxury cars and other rides, it might be necessary getting rid of some removable parts prior to shipping. This is normally regarded as a safety practice. Similarly, you will be required to ensure the gas tank level is ¼ way before shipping your vehicle. That might mean draining excess fuel in some cases. Funnily, most people believe that such practices can have significant differences in auto shipping charges. While it is true that such procedures reduce the weight of the vehicle, they don’t necessarily have a major impact on the ultimate auto shipping prices.

You can receive instant quotes

Previously, obtaining quotes was such an involving process. For some car owners, they had to wait for minutes in order to receive quotes. In the case of Nexus Auto Transport, you will not have to wait to receive such quotes. The online quote system guarantees instant, anonymous quotes. You only need to provide fee details to receive such quotes. This makes it possible for car owners to make necessary comparisons before choosing the ideal company to handle the car transport service.

There is no doubt that requesting car transport quotes prior to hiring a service provider is necessary. Walking blindly into a car shipping venture without the knowledge of car shipping prices can be dangerous. While obtaining such quotes, it is also important to consider some other factors such as experience and reputation of a company trusting it with shipping your vehicle. Advisably, auto transport quote should only serve as a guide and not the ultimate pointer in hiring a car transport company.

Ingenious Ways of Shipping your Luxury Cars

For most of us, our vehicles are more than just transportation vessels; they are part of us. This is especially true for those who own antique rides and sports cars. You will do almost anything to ensure their safety, whether you are around or not. That is why many people always find themselves worrying when transporting their luxury cars. What is the best way of doing it? Is there something they need to have in mind? Which professionals guarantee exceptional transportation of such vehicles? Well, we have all the answers figured out for you.

Embrace Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed car transport provides a perfect avenue for shipping such cars. With this form of car, auto transportation comes reliability and maximum protection. Long Distance car transportation is your idea choice of enclosed auto shipping partner. With several years of experience a dedicated team of drivers, you can be sure to have your car to be shipped safely.

When shipping your luxury car, safety should rank top in your list of priorities. It is better you spend agreeable amounts shipping your car than spending the next couple of days regretting your decisions. The least one can do to take advantage of customized enclosed car transport services. What is the difference? Under this consideration, you will have your vehicle shipped in special auto transport trailers. Go for worthy enclosed services with unique lift gates.

Shipping Car
Shipping Car

Beyond safety

It is true that safety should dominate your list of priorities when shipping your antique car. That is not all, however. Your car deserves the maximum level of comfort during transportation. That is why you need to involve an auto transport company with innovative equipment having climatic control hauling. You need to be sure that your car will be transported under the best conditions. Before agreeing with any auto transport company, therefore, you need to confirm that they will guarantee maximum safety for your vehicles.

You can still save money

It is agreeable that shipping luxury cars using enclosed auto transport cost more than ordinary open carrier method. However, that doesn’t suggest you should spend a fortune trying to transport your antique car state to state. It is possible to transport your luxury car safely and still save money in the process. How exactly should you balance the two? The trick lies in verifying various auto transport quotes. You can request car-shipping quotes from two or more individual car transport companies. See the various offers then make an informed decision. You can also take advantage of various coupons or special offers.

Transporting your exotic vehicle doesn’t have to be a headache. Well, getting the right team to ship such cars can be an involving process. We acknowledge that. However, the fact that it has been done before makes it possible and perfectly achievable. All you need to do is to scout for the right team. Opting for Long Distance car transportation professionals gives you the certainty of shipping your luxury car in the best of ways!