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Car Shipping is more Safe and Secure Today

Car shipping companies are very many in the market today. For some, this may seem like a possible chance for inferior and sub-standard companies to flood the market. On the contrary, however, every car shipment company is now striving to make auto transport a much safer service in order to maintain their customer base. Improvement in technology is being applied to auto transport to ease the process of transit with companies undertaking unique services like vehicle GPS tracking. Car shipping services are very much focused on providing customers with the best transport experience and most importantly; damage-free shipment.

Today, most car shipping companies have improved their security measures and services in order to surpass their competitors in the shipping business. Even though accidents on the road cannot be avoided, it is best to stay prepared and make the risk as minimal as possible.

Car shipping
ancient white car on grass against sky

Safety starts with you

Before we can force all the safety regulations on the shipping companies, you should first do your part so that the company can accomplish the rest. First of all, when preparing your vehicle for transit, make sure that your side mirrors are turned inwards such that they cannot be damaged during loading and off loading. You should also clear your vehicle completely before giving it off for transit. Personal belongings, valuables, popular trunk contents and other sharp objects should be removed before you release the car for shipment. Any objects inside the car during transit may pose risk to accidents that may damage the condition of the car.


Always make sure that the auto transport company you are using is insured and fully licensed. Before releasing the car for transportation, you can request to see their insurance cover in order to settle any doubts about the company’s insurance. The insurance cover of the auto transport company is very important because it also covers the vehicles being ferried. If the carrier was to have an accident and the shipment got damaged, the company’s insurance should cover this damage and cater for all repairs. During delivery, there should always be a damage report assessed by a professional which will indicate any damages that the car may have gotten as compared to the condition during loading.


Every auto transport company has to be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in order for them to operate commercially. This registration provides a unique number for every registered company which you should be able to see if you request it from the company. Through this portal, you can check on the auto transport company’s credibility as well as their safety record. This should help you determine which shipping company is more secure thus more reliable.

The Car Shipping Company

Not all car shipping companies are the same. Some have better services than others and some are more secure than others. When it comes to the different shipping companies available, you can always rely on customer reviews which paint a very good picture of the company’s transport services. Check out the customer reviews that seem genuine and detailed to have a better picture of the shipping company you intend on going with. Reputation is also very important when it comes to secure vehicle transportation. Car shipping companies that have been providing hauling services for along time are more experienced in safety measures and procedures. For example, an experienced carrier can determine the roads that are best accessible during winter or the roads that have less traffic at certain times of the day. Choosing a reputable car shipping service can mean having a safer and more secure vehicle transit.

Special equipment

During loading, the carrier can use special equipment to cater for vehicles with special cases. For instance, inoperable vehicles that should not be driven before getting to the customers can be loaded using special equipment and transported without a problem. This makes it much more convenient and safer for vehicles that are delicate or exotic for that matter. You can get your car from the manufacturer to your house untouched and only for a slightly higher fee. Such requests, however, should be communicated earlier so that the auto transport agency can organize the same loading technique at the offloading destination.

Enclosed carriers

This carrier option is best suited for those exotic and classic cars that are required to be transported and delivered in their pristine condition. Enclosed carriers, unlike open carriers, have a hooded carriage which protects the vehicle from natural elements like wind, hail, snow, rain and dust. It is a very convenient option if you want your car to be delivered safely and untouched although it may cost you up to 50% more depending on the car shipping company. Even if your vehicle is not one of the exotic kinds, you can still opt for this option if you think it’s affordable.


Highway her story: American Women in Trucking

Statistics show that 5.2 percent of the current truck drivers comprise women. Trucking is still considered a nontraditional occupation by the U.S Department, and men are the major stakeholders in the affair, besides, the autonomy, adventures, and self-reliance involving the travel appeal to a wide range of personalities. April Halter, who drives for Pride Transportation once, said that truckers have a boss they often forget about. This article reveals some of America’s toughest and roughest women thriving in highways of truck transportation. In honor of the efforts women are putting in the society, we take a look at most elegant, gallant and hardworking women who took the initiative to participate in truck driving.

women car transportation
Delivery woman driving van

Shotgun Riding

Annie Box Neal had a very humble beginning. She started with stagecoaches and wagons. Her stagecoaches went through Arizona and Tucson in 1892. As young as 22 years old, she was already a famous sharpshooter and an experienced driver who helps with her husband’s freight and other truck driving activities.

Mary Field, widely acknowledged as “Stagecoach Mary” was the second woman to ever work in the U.S. Postal service. Interestingly, she was the first among the black women. She started her carrier at the age of 60 and later become the most trusted, reliable delivery driver in Montana and Cascade. Fields could drive through inclement weather and deliver the good at the required time.

Also, Calamity Jane stated in her autobiography that she worked for Pony Express back in 1876. She vividly describes her early experience in freight-hauler as explained below. “In the month of June, I worked as a pony rider who carried the U.S. mail between Custer and Deadwood over a rough trail in the Black Hills country. Most of the riders before me had been robbed and their belongings were taken away. Remember mails and money had to be transported by the trucks, rendering the job a very difficult one. However, I took courage as a rider, with greater determination to ensure that all goods are delivered safely to their destination. When I started, I thought I wouldn’t make. Some of my colleagues were not so encouraging, and at some point, I was even molested. However, their discouragement never sets me off the truck. I still held on to the job, and ranked among the best.”

Taking a man’s job

In 1919, Luella Bates was made the spokeswoman for the Four Wheel Drive Corporation campaign. She was among the six women selected to specifically demonstrate how it was easy to handle the company’s new truck steering.

Records have that Lillie Drennan was the first female licensed truck driver, and also the first woman to own trucking business. She managed the company for 25 years and had a perfect safety record.

At the beginning of the First World War, we saw few women participating and helping as nurses. However, as time went by, millions of women joined the military, and a good number help directly in the war fronts. Alaskan highway pioneer Rusty Dow was perfectly known for her services to the Quartermaster Corps, where she diligently worked as a truck driver during the war.

The Last Pioneer in America

Immediately after the Alaskan Military Highway was finished in 1944, Dow joined in and became the first woman to drive a loaded truck across the desert and back. It is essential to note that history recorded women as major participants in transportations of materials across the wilderness. However, Dow’s activists depicted them as intruders. In her entire life, Dow drove trucks and managed a trucking and transfer service near Alaska. Yet, this is what she eventually wrote; “This was a man’s job on a man’s road, and in its entirety, built by men.”

Hitherto, women have been driving trucks. In fact, some of them even took the job earlier before Dow. It was interesting to see women taking over the most complicated jobs reserved for men during the first and the second world wars. Truck driving was one of the tasks.

Actress Della Resse also worked as a truck driver and contributed heftily in women car transportation. The other great contributor is Bea Arthur. She served as a truck driver from 1943-1945 in the marines, before she became a “Golden Girl.”

Ingenious Ways of Shipping your Luxury Cars

For most of us, our vehicles are more than just transportation vessels; they are part of us. This is especially true for those who own antique rides and sports cars. You will do almost anything to ensure their safety, whether you are around or not. That is why many people always find themselves worrying when transporting their luxury cars. What is the best way of doing it? Is there something they need to have in mind? Which professionals guarantee exceptional transportation of such vehicles? Well, we have all the answers figured out for you.

Embrace Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed car transport provides a perfect avenue for shipping such cars. With this form of car, auto transportation comes reliability and maximum protection. Long Distance car transportation is your idea choice of enclosed auto shipping partner. With several years of experience a dedicated team of drivers, you can be sure to have your car to be shipped safely.

When shipping your luxury car, safety should rank top in your list of priorities. It is better you spend agreeable amounts shipping your car than spending the next couple of days regretting your decisions. The least one can do to take advantage of customized enclosed car transport services. What is the difference? Under this consideration, you will have your vehicle shipped in special auto transport trailers. Go for worthy enclosed services with unique lift gates.

Shipping Car
Shipping Car

Beyond safety

It is true that safety should dominate your list of priorities when shipping your antique car. That is not all, however. Your car deserves the maximum level of comfort during transportation. That is why you need to involve an auto transport company with innovative equipment having climatic control hauling. You need to be sure that your car will be transported under the best conditions. Before agreeing with any auto transport company, therefore, you need to confirm that they will guarantee maximum safety for your vehicles.

You can still save money

It is agreeable that shipping luxury cars using enclosed auto transport cost more than ordinary open carrier method. However, that doesn’t suggest you should spend a fortune trying to transport your antique car state to state. It is possible to transport your luxury car safely and still save money in the process. How exactly should you balance the two? The trick lies in verifying various auto transport quotes. You can request car-shipping quotes from two or more individual car transport companies. See the various offers then make an informed decision. You can also take advantage of various coupons or special offers.

Transporting your exotic vehicle doesn’t have to be a headache. Well, getting the right team to ship such cars can be an involving process. We acknowledge that. However, the fact that it has been done before makes it possible and perfectly achievable. All you need to do is to scout for the right team. Opting for Long Distance car transportation professionals gives you the certainty of shipping your luxury car in the best of ways!

What Goes Into the Price of Shipping a Vehicle?

What is the price of shipping a car from one state to the other? This serves as the most common question among those looking for auto transport services. The answer to such a question often varies depending on some factors. The amount of money you will pay to have your car shipped from one point to another depends on;

Choice of Auto Transport Company

The vehicle transport company isn’t as much regulated as many would want to believe. As such, you will find different auto shipping companies charging varying prices for similar services offered. That means you need to be very careful when it comes to choosing an auto-shipping company. The choice of auto shipping company should be able to offer affordable pricing. However, you should be careful enough not to settle on the companies offering the cheapest auto shipping quotes; you might end up with poor services.

Type of Vehicle

Which car are you transporting? The type of vehicle being transported is an obvious aspect when it comes to auto transportation. The space available in carries is limited and can only accommodate a given number of vehicles. This means the quotes for transporting larger vehicles because they limit the number of vehicles that can be transported by a carrier. If you are shipping a smaller car, you will most likely pay less compared to someone else shipping a pickup truck under similar conditions.

The type of vehicle also goes hand in hand with the weight. Every carrier has a limited weight limit. It can only carry vehicles up to a certain pre-set weight. Just like in the case of size, weightier vehicles attract higher shipping charges.


When shipping a vehicle, the distance is a great factor affecting the pricing of shipping costs. The mileage covered between the pick-up point and ultimate delivery point will definitely have an impact on the auto shipping charges. You will get attractive rates for shipping your vehicle over shorter distances. On the other hand, shipping points involving larger distances will attract greater costs. A car owner shipping his vehicle from New York to North Carolina will pay different amounts for one shipping a similar vehicle to California.

Delivery Time

How soon you need your vehicle will also count when it comes to auto shipping charges. For those in need of quick auto shipping services, Nexus Auto Transport offers the expedited express car shipping option. Under this service, the car owner has the advantage of getting his car within four days or less depending on the distance involved. Under this service, the experts will organize for the pickup of the vehicle within two days. In some cases, you can even benefit from same day pickup services depending on availability of the carriers.

Everyone has a right to know the costs involved in shipping his vehicle. In order to obtain a value for your money, you need to understand the various factors that go into these costs. With this knowledge, you will choose the most suitable shipping services in your case.

How to Buy Your Dream Car Online

Our cars are more than just transportation vessels. Today, many car owners have special attachments to their vehicles. For someone driving his dream car, the connection is even stronger. While enjoying the comfort of your dream car is a great experience, finding that car is never one of those easy tasks. It becomes even more challenging when you are looking for that car online. With the right guide, however, you can find the process interesting. So how exactly should you go about the process?

Car Shipping
Car Shipping

Research and settle on your model

It is so easy to like a vehicle brand like Mercedes-Benz or BMW. However, it takes to research and deeper considerations for one to settle on a particular car brand. You need to find out the exact kind of car model you want. What are your needs and personality? Your choice of the car should complement you in every way. You need to carry out a thorough research online from various car review sites and find out the specifications. Being definite on your choice of car model will save you from the wave of confusion that engulfs most online car shoppers.

Feel the price

While it might be true that prices of brand new cars are set by manufacturers upon release, you will always find slight difference depending on where your car. To land on the best deal, you need to find the various price ranges from different online car websites. The wonderful aspect of online shopping is that you have the liberty of comparing prices from different dealers without necessarily moving physically from one display shop to another. Even more, you have the opportunity of refining your list of auto dealers depending on the prices offered.

Research on car dealer

Price isn’t the only issue worth considering when buying your dream car online. You need to find critical information on the dealer. What is the level of competence? How do they handle clients? What happens when one has complaints? You can always get important information from car review sites and other product review sites like Yelp. Seek to find out what previous clients are saying about them. You need to buy your car from an online dealer that values customers and appreciates people.

Call the company for critical inquiries

Next, you will need to find finer details on the car you are about to buy. For one, you need to ask if the car comes with competitive insurance. You need to be specific on the type of insurance. Is it comprehensive or just third party? Even more, you should inquire from the company the possibility of auto transportation. Some online auto dealers offer delivery of cars. You can take advantage of this and save yourself the trouble of searching car shipping companies online.

With all the research work handled, all that remains is agreeing on the payment details and proceeding with the paperwork. One more thing; always remember to get as much information from the dealer as possible. It will save you lots of trouble!