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Nexus Auto Transport Classic Car Services’ Features

If you have spent a fortune in acquiring your car, then you must be interested in ensuring that its handled properly. At Nexus Auto Transport Company, we understand how much of an emotional investment your car is just as a financial investment it is.  With our Classic car shipping services, we ensure you maximum caution and a careful car shipping handling process from the moment we pick it from you until when we deliver it.

We handle each one of our clients individually and seek to understand their needs. Our main goal is to provide car shipping services that will apply to your needs and suit your schedule. We are well experienced in handling high-valued cars and have enough technical resources and manpower to work on short lead-times and deliver within the scheduled date which mostly is a fortnight after picking up the car. We want to change the perception that relocating is scary by enhancing your car relocation all at market-competitive rates.  When you hire Nexus Auto Transport Company for classic car services, you get to enjoy some amazing benefits which are rare with most auto shipping companies.



The Nexus Auto Transport Company classic car service is the safest of its kind among auto shipping companies in the USA. Throughout the country in the highways, you will find our enclosed trailers shipping classic cars from and to different locations. Our enclosed trailers are meant to protect your car from risks such as road debris or weather elements which might damage your car. These trailers do not carry as much as open trailers do, and this is because of the existing need to secure the vehicles on-transit.

Smooth Experience

With spring here, it is time for car shows and auctions to pop all over the country. This is the perfect time to buy those classic cars and have them transported home. With Nexus Auto Transport Company, you can put all your classic car shipping worries to bed. This is because we have been in the game for years and we pride ourselves on experience in handling classic cars like no one else in the industry. We have the necessary personnel and resources to ensure a smooth classic car shipment experience. You can go online to our website and find reviews of some of our previous customers and read what they have to say about us. This is in case you need that extra reason to convince you that Nexus Auto Transport Company is the right classic car shipping company for you.

Receive your scratch-free vehicle, on time

Our enclosed trailers are well designed to offer protection to your classic car on the inside while on-transit. We have different trailer sizes to enable us to meet different types of needs by our clients. Our services are available throughout the year and have attractive discounts for shippers with a fleet of classic vehicles. We are fully licensed and insured and have a delay policy that speaks of our commitment to delivering timely, quality services to you.


Target Clients for Auto Transport Companies

Nexus Auto Transport Company offers different car shipping services to its clients including interstate, nationwide and overseas car transportation services. We offer these services at industry-competitive rates and offer our word regarding delivery and service satisfaction.

It is important to understand who the target clients for auto shipping companies are, and we shall do that in this article. These four categories will define the most attended to a group of clients by shipping companies.

Moving Individuals

Most individuals that seek auto shipping services from companies such as Nexus Auto Transport Company are individuals moving out of state. Though it is possible for them to drive the car across the country, they opt for car shipping services due to the reduced costs and risks. The individuals could be moving to other states as a permanent change of residency or maybe temporal business reasons.

Business Owners

Small business owners mostly dealing in local transportation or delivery services are typical clients for auto shipping companies. They frequently have the need of shipping their fleet of vehicles to balance the size of the fleets or maybe to have them available where they are required the most.

Cab Companies

These are commonly known for their constant relocation as they seek clients. They may move an entire fleet to a different city, spread out a few cars in their fleet and shipping as opposed to driving will save them on fuel, wear and tear and get them discounts.

Car Collectors

These mostly deal with classic cars and want to be in as many locations as possible without risking damage to their valuable cars. They may also require auto shipping services especially if they have some collectibles that they need to be displayed and lack the time and human resource to drive them.


There are many other companies that offer car shipping services in the USA and finding a top, reliable auto company can be a tricky experience.

However, there are some few factors that you can use that will help you distinguish between real and fake auto shipping companies. Some of the things to look out for include;

Cost – Check to ensure that there are no hidden costs. The price quoted should neither be too high or too low when compared to the price quoted by other companies for similar services.

Reliability – this is an important factor to check out for as you need a company that will deliver the required services within the agreed schedule. Be on the lookout for unrealistic promises that are mostly set by new companies as they try to woo clients to them.

Customer Support – this talks loads about the professionalism of a company. It also expresses the intent of the company to offer to its client’s satisfactory services by being available for any queries.

Insurance – it is important to understand how which damages your car will be insured against during shipment. By understanding the risks, you can know what to expect and how to handle the unexpected. If the company insures vehicles during shipment; still, check to ensure that it has a low frequency of occurrence of accidents and good reviews from previous clients regarding refunding claims.

Features that Matter most in Auto Transport Companies

At Nexus Auto Transport, we believe that each and every person holds the rights to have enough information that will help them make smart decisions regarding car shipping. We are transparent in our services and constantly offer our clients up-to-date information on matters of auto transportation in the USA. At Nexus Auto Transport, we have quality products and services for different needs of our clients and also provide the best features to match with our high-quality service provision. Listed here are some of the features that we think Americans should regard highly when they are looking for an auto shipping company to transport their automobile.


A top auto shipping company should be legally licensed to carry out its duties. A valid license acts as proof of legitimacy and gives you confidence that you are working with the best in transporting your vehicle. A valid insurance system is also an important consideration to make as this protects you from incurring any losses in the case that an accident occurs during transportation of your car. As you are confirming insurance details, also check the frequency of occurrence of accidents and go for a company with the lowest percentages of accidents that have occurred.

Customer Service

It is important for a shipping company to offer exemplary customer services to its clients. This helps service delivery process move quickly and efficiently. Some tips to help you identify how professional a company’s customer service includes:

  • Contact – the methods of contact available and how soon you get a response after initiating a contact are two important indications of professionalism. At Nexus Auto Transport, we have emails, telephone line, social media pages and a fully active website for customer contact.
  • Accessibility – it should be easy for you as a client to get in touch with your auto shipping company.
  • Personal visits – a top company will have offices that customers are free to visit and make enquiries any minute of the official working hours.


An auto transport company should have enough trucks and personnel to facilitate your car shipping. The trucks should be of varying sizes which would indicate that the company deals with different types of automobiles. They should be in good conditions, and the staff should be professional and friendly. At Nexus Auto Transport, we are well-sized regarding resources and manpower and have a good network system in the USA for easy facilitation of your car transportation.


Top auto shipping companies in the USA such as Nexus Auto Transport Company are flexible in their approaches to service delivery. The level of client-interaction during the process is also high as is the knowledge they express about their jobs. It is even better if you work with a company that will dedicate a staff member to get in touch with you until your car has reached its destination.


These are just but a few of the factors that you should look out for in auto transport companies. At Nexus auto transport company, we guarantee you these high-quality services and give you our word that we shall work 24/7 to deliver your car to the agreed destination and time within the quoted budget.

Features of Open Carrier Auto Transport – Nexus Auto Transport

Times are tough and where and when possible, it is important to save on spending. Same applies to car shipping and where most people get this wrong is by trying to find cheap auto shipping companies rather than affordable ones and look on where to save.

At Nexus Auto Transport, we understand how important it is to deliver top-notch car shipping services and remain competitive and relevant price-wise. By hiring us, you stand to benefit in three major ways which include:

We have years of experience and a wide network of coverage for your inter-state and inter-city car moves.

We are professionals and promise you high-quality services that will fall in line with your schedule, budget and give you peace of mind.

We handle all the risks of shipping your car on your behalf.  Once you hand over your car to us, we assume full responsibility for it and secure it until when we deliver it back to your hands at an agreed delivery point.

We understand that different clients have different needs of the level of services. We offer different packages such as open carrier transport, closed, classic and priority express shipping. Our open carrier is suitable for:

Personal car deliveries–for a low-budget car shipping experience for an individual, open carrier package is the best. With just some few prior arrangements on shipment date and location, you can rest assured that you will have your car at your destination at the agreed time. What’s more, the car will be covered for any damages during shipping, and all these would come at a very low cost.

Multi-car deliveries – for small companies such as a local transport, service delivery or cab company, the open carrier is the ultimate and cost effective car shipping solution. This is because a large fleet of cars can be easily and conveniently be transported to the same or different locations all at competitive rates. For auto dealers, with the Nexus Auto transport open carrier package, we will get your brand to all your showrooms from the factory at very considerate prices.

Budget friendly shipping – open trailer is undoubtedly the most common auto shipping method we offer at Nexus auto Transport Car shipping company. Our process for handling open carrier car shipping is the industry standard and totally safe. Our well-experienced team of truck drivers and car handlers make it easy for us to offer our clients guarantee on open carrier auto shipping services.

We have new trucks of the latest models, well designed to handle all your open carrier auto shipping needs. We stack the cars neatly in rows and columns on our trucks, tie them safely and ship them slowly to our clients’ destinations.  The open carrier package offered at Nexus Auto Transport Company comes at a comfortable price and attracts great discounts on bulk orders.

All risks are fully covered, and we always do our best in ensuring that we return your car to you just as you handed it to us. For high quality and affordable auto transport services, Nexus Auto Transport has a solution to your needs.

Tips to Finding Best auto transport Chicago

Getting your vehicle transported from Chicago to other towns or cities should be an easy experience for you. There are many top auto shipping companies in Chicago the most notable one in service delivery being Nexus Auto Transport Company. Here, we present you a simple guide to using when shipping your car within or out of Chicago.

Source for a company

A good place to start would be to find a good vehicle transporting company with reputable services. You can start outsourcing for a company a while before the actual day you intend to have your car shipped. Once you have a scheduled pick-up and delivery date, you can go ahead and contact the auto shipping company and order for services. Before signing any agreement, try to understand the terms of services and the rates as well then when you are comfortable, you can go ahead and commit.

Pick up

There are two different arrangements for car pick-ups with most auto transporters in California. You can drive your car and drop it off at the shipper’s terminal point, or you can have it picked from your door. These two procedures differ in costs and convenience. However you choose to do it, there are some important things to remember before and during the pickup.

Remove all personal items from the car as it is not legal to carry them there. Personal items add on to your automobile’s weight. Empty your car boot and any other area of personal items. Remember that the car will get searched as it crosses state borders and other than being illegal, personal items make the search lengthier.

Take good pictures of your car before handing it over to your auto shipper. Take note of any faultiness and note it somewhere in writing and have the shipper sign it. This will be important in proving the state of your car before pick up just in case an unforeseen event leading to a legal suit ensues.



Not much happens during shipping, just a few packages available for you to choose from for shipping. For an economical and secure option, the open trailer package is well suiting. You can opt for classic car shipping package and enclosed which give special consideration to the car and are costlier. During shipping, your auto shipping company will keep you posted on the progress. A good way to gauge how reliable your vehicle shipping company are is by comparing how long this stage continues for to the projected duration.



Just as in pick up, you can have your car delivered to your door step, or you can opt to collect it from your shipper’s terminal point in the agreed destination. What’s important is to ensure that you are present during delivery. It is then that you can ascertain if there have been any damages to your vehicle. Check the engine’s performance as well before signing that you have received the car. If there are any issues, repayment policies that you agreed to when hiring the auto shipper will provide a guide on who will meet what costs and any other rising matters will be handled.