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What Goes Into the Price of Shipping a Vehicle?

What is the price of shipping a car from one state to the other? This serves as the most common question among those looking for auto transport services. The answer to such a question often varies depending on some factors. The amount of money you will pay to have your car shipped from one point to another depends on;

Choice of Auto Transport Company

The vehicle transport company isn’t as much regulated as many would want to believe. As such, you will find different auto shipping companies charging varying prices for similar services offered. That means you need to be very careful when it comes to choosing an auto-shipping company. The choice of auto shipping company should be able to offer affordable pricing. However, you should be careful enough not to settle on the companies offering the cheapest auto shipping quotes; you might end up with poor services.

Type of Vehicle

Which car are you transporting? The type of vehicle being transported is an obvious aspect when it comes to auto transportation. The space available in carries is limited and can only accommodate a given number of vehicles. This means the quotes for transporting larger vehicles because they limit the number of vehicles that can be transported by a carrier. If you are shipping a smaller car, you will most likely pay less compared to someone else shipping a pickup truck under similar conditions.

The type of vehicle also goes hand in hand with the weight. Every carrier has a limited weight limit. It can only carry vehicles up to a certain pre-set weight. Just like in the case of size, weightier vehicles attract higher shipping charges.


When shipping a vehicle, the distance is a great factor affecting the pricing of shipping costs. The mileage covered between the pick-up point and ultimate delivery point will definitely have an impact on the auto shipping charges. You will get attractive rates for shipping your vehicle over shorter distances. On the other hand, shipping points involving larger distances will attract greater costs. A car owner shipping his vehicle from New York to North Carolina will pay different amounts for one shipping a similar vehicle to California.

Delivery Time

How soon you need your vehicle will also count when it comes to auto shipping charges. For those in need of quick auto shipping services, Nexus Auto Transport offers the expedited express car shipping option. Under this service, the car owner has the advantage of getting his car within four days or less depending on the distance involved. Under this service, the experts will organize for the pickup of the vehicle within two days. In some cases, you can even benefit from same day pickup services depending on availability of the carriers.

Everyone has a right to know the costs involved in shipping his vehicle. In order to obtain a value for your money, you need to understand the various factors that go into these costs. With this knowledge, you will choose the most suitable shipping services in your case.

Auto Shipping

Preparing your Vehicle for Auto Shipping

Many people are tempted to think that auto transportation is all about vehicles being shifted from one physical point to another. The truth is, it delves deeper than that. In the past, clients have gone through chaotic car shipping experiences, not that the service providers were inefficient but simply because they did not prepare for the shipping well enough. Before loading your car at the pick-up point, you need to ensure certain essential measures are in place. At Nexus Auto Transport, we always insist on providing a clear auto shipping guideline to enhance the pre-pick up operation process.
Start with the essentials
Before handing over your vehicle to car shipping services, you need a check for any loose parts in the vehicle. Ensure you fasten or remove such items lest they incur unnecessary damage. Such items include wide mirrors, antennas, spoilers, and even fog lights. Fastening aside, you should be able to handle minor repairs prior to auto transportation. For instance, any open seams on convertibles should be repaired to evade the possibility of further damage. Putting such measures also reduce the risk of auto transportation-related accidents.
Check the batteries and other parts
Does the radiator have sufficient levels of fresh anti-free? You might want to find out, especially if your vehicle is being shipped over the winter season. Yet again, it is important checking the working and physical condition of the battery. It should be secure enough with adequate fluid levels to avoid possible leakage. It is also recommended that you check the gasoline level in the tank. Preferably, it should be at the quarter level to avoid any unexpected incidence. Even more, doing so also reduce the weight of the car; an aspect that might further escalate the costs of shipping.
Take No Chances
Pick up inspection involves general cleanliness of the vehicle. You might not think it as a big concern, but your vehicles need to be decently clean for it to be picked by the carriers. We are certain you wouldn’t want to spend another half an hour trying to tidy your vehicle after the pick-up crew is in. It is also advisable to the anti-theft devices are disconnected prior to the pick. No one wants to witness a scene where the driver is locked out or the car’s alarm jerks off during shipment. Everyone prefers a peaceful auto shipping process, the carriers included.
On Personal Items inside the Car
You might want to have something tucked up in the trunk of the vehicle for delivery purposes. Most car shipping services encourage their clients not to have anything carried in the vehicle during shipping because such an expedition comes with its risks. If you insist on loading personal items inside the trunk, you must ensure they are tightly secured in and locked inside the trunk. In addition, they should weigh below 100lbs. Considering all these factors ensures that one goes through a peaceful and eventful relocation experience. Who thinks differently?

Finding Affordable Golf Cart Shipping Services

Unless you have a vehicle, which can comfortably bear the weight of a golf cart, using the services of auto shipping companies is the viable way of shipping your golf cart from the dealer to the destination. In the past, many people have found it hard transporting their golf carts. Subsequently, it has discouraged others who would like to do the same in future. There fears might be well found. Although these pricey possessions are not as large as vehicles, they need special handling during shipping. Hiring professionals to do this work for you puts you in a better position of receiving ideal services. Seeking the services of professional golf cart shipping companies doesn’t necessarily mean paying so much money. It is possible to get good deals from professional auto shipping companies like Nexus Auto Transport. How do you ensure this?

Obtain Quotes

Finding quotes is the first step in ensuring affordable golf cart shipping services. It is advisable to obtain quotes from different companies for comparison purposes. While other companies might take long to provide you with such quotes, professionals like Nexus Auto Transport will grant you instant quotes. What makes this deal such a fabulous one is that the quotes are free and accurate. In such cases, you only pay what you see in the quotes. Even more amazingly, you do not need to fill in personal details for you to get such quotes. Nexus Auto Transport offers Anonymous quotes which provide accurate pricing without an individual’s personal information.

Be on the lookout for Discounts

Special discount rates can significantly reduce the amount of money you pay for shipping golf carts. With some companies offering up to amazing discounts, there’s no better thing one can ever do than taking advantage of such deals. Locating great discounts has never been a difficult task before; it will never be. All you need to do is have your ears out and search through multiple sites for good rates.

Truck Car Carrier
Some new cars in a car transport. Truck car carrier

Professionalism Fast

It is a good idea going for discounts when shipping golf carts. You end up saving incredible cash. However, that shouldn’t make you choose cheapness over professionalism. At the end of the day, you need to ensure that only experts handle the shipping. Doing so will ensure you get real value for your money. Golf carts need to be shipped differently from standard vehicles; only experienced experts understand this fact.

You do not want to pay shipping costs only to have your machine damaged by people who were supposed to help. That is why you need experienced experts like Nexus Auto Transport that not only provides security but also ensures insurance cover for your golf cart. Getting in touch with them has never been difficult. From the website, you can easily make inquiries and make special arrangements for the shipping services. Why should you settle for less when there is an alternative of going for the best? Call Nexus Auto Transport today for great Nexus Auto Transport deals!